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They need to raise the driving age!

UGH, just got into an accident. Rammed in the back again (last time was 2007). Both times by teenagers going too fast, and not paying attention to what the fuck they were doing.

Goddamit, 16 is way too young to be responsible for a fucking DEADLY machine.

My bumper is scraping into my fucking tire!!!
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leighton season 5

Fan Fic: Happy Birthday Anakin!

Title: Happy Birthday Anakin!
Author: ludagurl3d
Time Period:Pre-AotC
Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, Mace, and Yoda
Summary: It's Anakin's 18th b-day and he wants to do something special like throw a party. Obi-Wan objects, but little to Anakin's knowledge, Obi-Wan already has everything arranged for the big night.
Notes: Birthday fic for Caitlin (EquestrianJedi07) Happy 18th B-day
This fic is in two parts.

“But Master.” Anakin Skywalker whined to his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“No Padawan, as I have told you many times before it is simply out of the question.”

“But it’s my eighteenth birthday! I’ve never had a party before, and this is a special day. Can’t you stop being stiff for one second and think about me?” Anakin knew he had gone too far with that comment when Obi-Wan gave him a scowling look. This was not going to be easy.

“For the last and final time Anakin, I said no. And we will not discuss this again my young Padawan. Now go work on your studies. Tomorrow for your birthday we will have a quiet evening in, with a special dinner. But that is all we will be doing, understand?”

Anakin looked sullen and defeated, and not at all surprised that Obi-Wan’s idea of birthday fun would be a quiet dinner at home. “Yes Master.” He responded with a slight sarcastic tone. Normally he would have lobbied harder, but he at least wanted the dinner if nothing else.

Anakin walked to his room and slammed the door after him. He plopped down on his bed in the dark wishing that just for once he could have a birthday that made him feel like an adult, and not like some little kid who received stuffed animals for their birthday. “Not with my Master.” He muttered before dozing off.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was not one for lying. In fact he was completely against it, as it went against everything he believed in as a Jedi. But he had to lie and keep a straight face in front Anakin about the surprise party that he was planning for his currently disgruntled Padawan.

He had gone out of his way in the past few weeks to invite all of Anakin’s friends in the Temple, as well as any Jedi Masters he knew Anakin at least respected if not liked, and the one girl Anakin dreamed about every night of his adolescent life – or so he claimed -- Padme Amidala.

Obi-Wan had made a special call to the Senate for this arrangement himself. To his delight Padme was not busy with any prior engagements for that evening. He rationalized that inviting Padme to the party would give him special leverage with Anakin in the future.

It would especially make up for the fact that Obi-Wan had invited Mace Windu and Yoda to Anakin’s soiree. The boy would not be pleased in the least. As it was Mace was not one for parties. He felt them a waste of Jedi time, and frivolous to a well functioning being. He was even more dissatisfied to learn that the bash was for one Anakin Skywalker – a certain Padawan that had been a thorn in his side for the past nine years.

Obi-Wan had all but bribed Mace and Yoda into letting him throw Anakin the party. The final draw was an agreement that Obi-Wan would pick up all extra missions in the future for a year, whether they are important or not. He would also have special cafeteria duty once a week serving as Mace’s personal bus boy.

Tomorrow Obi-Wan would send Anakin off to classes that would take up the better part of his day, so that he could arrange the decorations in their quarters. Obi-Wan did not know much about parties, but he had been reading about decorations in a holobook that he had checked out from the archives.

He suspected that Anakin would like pictures of animals and dinosaurs for the decorations – the book said they were a big hit amongst youth. He also had ordered special cups and paper plates with prints of cartoon characters that Anakin sometimes watched on the holo, when they had days off. And then there were the balloons! Lots and Lots of balloons with fuzzy creatures painted on them. Yes, Anakin was going to love him for this.

Anakin sighed as he walked through the halls of the Temple. Today was the day. His eighteenth birthday had finally arrived and he was less than ecstatic. Things between he and Obi-Wan were ice cold this morning at breakfast. Most of it consisted of Anakin huffing between takes of his cereal. Obi-Wan, Anakin noticed, seemed to have a weird look on his face, like a small grin hidden under a smirk.

Anakin knew his day would suck the moment his dozed off last night. His Master was punishing him for something not yet disclosed. He had classes piled on today, one right after the other. Some birthday. He tried not to think about it for too long, or he might just breakdown and cry.

He never knew being a Jedi meant you had to give up birthdays.

Obi-Wan had finally finished with the decorations some six hours after Anakin had left the apartment. He would be happy when this charade was over so Anakin could go back to hating him for other reasons.

The guests started to arrive. First the padawans who were so excited to be getting out of classes, and to attend a party where they thought they could score some Corellian Ale. They were also the first ones to make snide comments about Obi-Wan’s choice of décor. Apparently he was about ten birthdays behind when it came to style.

Shortly after the padawans had settled in and began consuming vast amounts of food, the Masters had arrived, namely Mace and Yoda. They both surveyed the room with a incredulous looks. Obi-Wan could have swore on his lightsaber that he saw Mace Windu flash a flicker of enthusiastic interest on his rather dull and stationed face.

Yoda was having less of a good time. As it was he rarely ever stepped into regular Master and Padawan quarters because they were never designed for one so short. He could not see or reach the food from any of the tables and this prompted him to hit Obi-Wan in the leg with his gimmer stick.

Obi-Wan had little time to complain because he sensed his Padawan approaching their quarters through the Force. This was it, the moment Obi-Wan had been waiting for. He hustled everyone to hide and turn off the lights. When it was finally dark the only sound that could be heard was a Padawan behind the sofa crunching on a bag of chips.

Everything was perfect for Anakin’s party – except – wait. Where was Padme? Obi-Wan thought.

“SURPRISE!!” Everyone in the room exclaimed, some more enthusiastically than others.

Anakin nearly fell backwards and almost dropped all the liquor he had bought to drown out his sorrows on this night. He quickly hid the illegal substance behind his back when he noticed Mace and Yoda giving him “the look.”

Anakin glanced around the room until he locked eyes with Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan moved toward him to speak.

“Well Anakin is everything to your liking Padawan? It’s all for you. Happy eighteenth birthday! And you thought your stuffy old Master would let this day pass without giving you something special.” Obi-Wan smirked.

“Oh yes Master this is very nice.” Anakin replied. He was in fact lying through his teeth. The thought was nice, but he couldn’t help but notice the decorations. How embarrassing. What was Obi-Wan thinking? This was Anakin’s eighteenth birthday, not his eighth. He would never live down the shame.

“I have an extra special surprise for you.” Obi-Wan continued. “I have invited your Senator to your party.”

Anakin almost died right then and there. He was excited that Padme was coming, but embarrassed that she would see him at what could be qualified as a kiddie party. She already thought him a funny little boy, and this would not atone the thought.

Noticing Anakin’s lack of reply and blank stare, Obi-Wan tried again. “Did you hear me Padawan? Padme will be here at your party tonight to see you after all these years. How do you feel about that?”

Before Anakin could get a proper sentence out this time, the door behind him began to make a slight creaking noise as if someone was trying to open it. The room became very stiff and silent and everyone waited in anticipation.

Anakin gulped with a feeling that it was Padme. His only thought was…. Let the party begin.